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Welcome to The Hand Drum!  The best place for lovers of hand drums.  Here you can buy a hand drum, share your hand drum music, and talk about the latest releases for hand drums.  Please enjoy and keep sharing the love…

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NEW Update on How To Buy A Hand Drum!  Now Accepting Pre Orders On The Early Bird List:

We are now accepting people again on the Early Bird Notification List for Pre Orders.  Click here to get on the list.  Please only add your name to the list if you are serious about owning the hand drum and are genuinely interested.  We want to provide opportunities for people that sincerely want to play this beautiful instrument and will help make the hand community even better.  Thanks for your understanding.  Click the pic to sign up:

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In the meantime, if you’re new to the hand drum, or just want to enjoy some great hand drum music, the check out this great vid of Davide jamming on the hand drum in Amsterdam